Reston VA Sedation and Sleep Dentistry at Cascades Dental

Cascades Center for Dental Health offers sedation dentistry to its patients in the Reston VA area. Sedation dentistry is the perfect answer to those who avoid the dentist due to any number of issues. We help hundreds of patients each year who have gotten behind on their dental care because they are uncomfortable or nervous about dental visits.

At Cascades Dental, we also use sedation dentistry for patients who have difficulty getting numb or who have quite a bit of dental work to get done but do not have the time to spend at the dentist’s office over multiple visits. Dr. Ruparelia’s reputation as an expert in sedation dentistry has resulted in his nickname as the “sleep dentist.”

Sedation Dentistry Benefits

Not all of our patients at Cascades Dental require or prefer sedation, but it is available to everyone. Patients who merely prefer the comfort and convenience of sedation are gladly accommodated just as much as those who have legitimate dental anxiety.

Dr. Ruparelia often recommends that patients requiring extensive dental treatment consider sedation dentistry. The sedation allows the patient not only comfort during the treatment, but convenience by lessening the number of visits needed to complete their treatment. Thousands of patients have benefitted from Cascade Dental’s sedation dentistry treatments over the years, and so should you. All of that experience means you will be in good hands with Dr. Ruparelia and his staff.

Sedation Levels

Dental treatment that is performed while a patient is sedated with medication is sedation dentistry. The purpose of the sedation is to make the patient as comfortable as possible during the appointment. The level of sedation given a patient varies depending upon need.

After a sedation dentistry appointment at Cascade Dental, no matter how light the sedation may have been, most patients feel as if they slept through the procedure. If the sedation level is light enough, however, that patient may never have been truly asleep. Patients often comment that their experience in the office on the day of sedation feels as if it were only a dream.

Sleep Dentistry

It is not common to find a dental office that office that offers sleep dentistry, which is one of the reasons Cascades Dental your best choice in the Reston VA area. Dr. Ruparelia’s specialized training, and Cascades Dental’s advanced facility make sleep dentistry both safe and effective in the most ideal conditions.

Our sleep dentistry treatment provides patients with the very deepest level of sedation. Dr. Ruparelia has treated thousands of patients with sleep dentistry and has corrected years of complex dental care trouble for them. During sleep dentistry appointments at Cascades Dental, a board-certified anesthesiologist keeps comfortably sedated and monitors them closely.

Dr. Ruparelia can complete treatments that would normally take several visits in just one because a patient can remain comfortable during sleep dentistry. Many patients opt for sleep dentistry for two reasons: the comfort provided during treatment, and the convenience of completing dental work in as few appointments as possible.

When To Consider Sedation

Sedation dentistry is perfect for any patient who wants assistance getting comfortable during treatment. There are other significant reasons you may want to consider sedation dentistry at Cascades Dental, however. Some of these reasons can include the following:

  • Fear or anxiety associated with dental work
  • Past experiences at the dentist that have left you feeling negatively
  • An inability to relax while in the dental chair
  • A strong disliking for the sounds and smells associated with a dental office
  • An inability to sit still for the duration of a dental appointment
  • Failure to become entirely numb during dental treatment
  • Extensive dental care needs without time for numerous appointments
  • Feeling embarrassed at the state of your smile
  • A sensitive gag reflex that causes you to gag when the dentist puts something in your mouth
  • Super-sensitive teeth
  • A chronic fear of needles

Your Sedation Dentistry Appointment

Cascades Dental promises to make your sedation appointment entirely different from your negative past experiences at the dentist. We will help you feel calm, comfortable, and fully relaxed. Many of our patients describe their treatment in our office as a dream; they often report having little to no memory of the appointment at all.

Our sedation treatment is completely safe, and we use only the most proven and test medications available. Dr. Ruparelia has successfully sedated and treated thousands of patients at Cascades Dental, and his team is thoroughly trained to ensure your safety and comfort. You will also be monitored carefully during your time in our office.

Sedation Dentistry at Cascades Dental

Anxiousness or embarrassment should not keep you from getting your needed dental care. Cascades Center for Dental Health uses only the finest sedation dentistry technology and methods, and we promise help you feel calm and safe at all times. We will never perform any treatment unless you are completely comfortable. Call our Reston VA office today to schedule an appointment.

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