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The CascadesONE implant system is a revolution in in dental care. Here are some of the advantages that make the Cascades Center for Dental Health the right choice for so many throughout DC and Northern Virginia.

Permanent Solution

Complete dentures are old-fashioned and sit on the gums. They're often uncomfortable, less secure and less reliable. Overdentures have some of these same drawbacks. Traditional implants are a good option for replacing one tooth at a time but often require lengthy bone, sinus and tissue grafting. Cascades' CascadesONE Implant System is a permanent option with a 5-year guarantee. This system is only available at Cascades.

Comfortable and Functional

Complete dentures are older, bulky, and less comfortable. They must be removed every night. Overdentures still get removed at night but can get stressed. Traditional implants have a longer treatment plan and are more expensive. Our CascadesONE System is the best combination of price, treatment time, comfort and overall function.

Implant Options

Most other implant dentists only utilize one implant method. At Cascades Dental we apply different Implant Systems specific to the needs of each individual patient:
  • CascadesONE System for Full-Mouth Restorations
  • Implant-Supported Dentures
  • Single Tooth Implants

Dedicated Implant System

Many implant dentists use the standard "4-Implant" System for Supporting Dentures. At Cascades Dental, Dr. Ruparelia uses the innovative CascadesONE System that typically employs six or more implants per arch to ensure the greatest prosthetic stability possible.

Fewer Appointments

When getting implants at other implant dentistries, you may need to go back for appointments for six to twelve months. At Cascades Dental, many implant cases can be treated in just two appointments.

CascadesONE - All in One Day

Complete Dentures requires a 3-6 month treatment process along with remaking or relining every few years. Overdentures requires 3-6 months of a denture before implants are connected. Getting traditional implants is typically a 1-2 year process. With Cascades, you can get a new set of teeth in one day.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

When you come to Cascades Dental, you will see we have state of the art sedation options to make you completely comfortable. We even offer the ultimate in patient comfort - sleep dentistry. This general anesthesia is performed right in our office under the close supervision of a board-certified anesthesiologist. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you won't have discomfort or time spent without teeth. After coming to Cascades, you won't spend a single day without a full set of natural-looking, working teeth!

Retained Chewing Functionality

Complete Dentures allow you to retain 10-20% chewing function. With overdentures, 40-50%. With CascadesONE, you will retain over 90% of your chewing function, like a brand new set of teeth.

Follow-Up and Guarantee

Many other implant dentists do not include follow-up care with their implant services. At Cascades Dental, we will follow up with you and also provide a 5-Year Cascades Guarantee on all implants.

Quality Materials

Complete Dentures and Overdentures utilize acrylic, which is standard in the industry. Traditional implants are done with porcelain, a higher quality material. However, at Cascades we use only the highest quality material. All of our implants are made with Zirconia. You will be better protected from bacteria and stains over time compared to other materials.

All-Inclusive Price

With the CascadesONE System, we offer an all-inclusive price of $21,500 per arch. This includes everything from materials used, to the implant process, to both the temporary and permanent sets of teeth. It covers our high quality zirconia material with no upcharges. Other implant dentists can sometimes charge over $25k per arch, with additional charges for the highest quality materials. There can also be separate charges for crowns, restoration, sedation and/or follow-up care. With Cascades, we keep everything up front for your benefit.