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When people talk about dental implants, they are usually referring to the whole implant system. This includes the implant itself, which is a titanium post, along with the replacement teeth that are visible in your mouth. These restorations, like crowns and dentures, are incredibly natural looking and are virtually indistinguishable from your real teeth.

Dr. Ruparelia offers a number of implant options, depending on your treatment needs and how many teeth you need to replace. These include options for one tooth, multiple teeth, or all the teeth in an arch.

CascadesONE Implant System - The Full Mouth Solution

If you need to replace all of your teeth, traditional dentures used to be your only solution. Now, Dr. Ruparelia can use our full mouth dental implant system, called CascadesONE, to give you a brand new set of teeth that's permanent and beautiful.

With the CascadesONE system Dr. Ruparelia uses six or more implants in each arch to securely and permanently hold a full upper or lower set of teeth. Once placed, these will look, feel, and function just like a natural healthy set of teeth – permanently!

Best of all, when Dr Ruparelia replaces your teeth, he will make sure that you don’t go even a single day without a full set of teeth.

At Cascades, we make sure your entire implant procedure is as comfortable as possible from start to finish. Learn more about the advantages of the CascadesONE Implant system here.

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Single Tooth Implants

Dental Implant ComparisonThe most basic implant treatment is the placement of a one-tooth implant, and Dr. Ruparelia has the advanced training and skills to offer a number of different implant options for a single tooth.

The implant procedure varies depending on your particular dental circumstances. With the conventional implant technique, an implant is secured to the jaw in a first appointment, and then given a period of time for the bone to grow around the implant. Once Dr. Ruparelia is satisfied with the fit and strength of the implant, he uses a porcelain crown to replace the visible part of the tooth above the gum line.

Multiple Implants and Implant-Supported Bridges

Dr. Ruparelia can replace a few teeth in a row with multiple implants or an implant-supported bridge.

These replacement teeth “bridge” the gap between the anchor teeth, but just sit on the gum line, and are not actually attached to the jaw.

Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant-Supported Overdentures are removable dentures secured by implants.

Anyone who has ever used dentures has experienced the frustration and limitations of speaking, chewing, and even just smiling. Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, or even painful. They can feel unstable and come loose, making it difficult to eat the foods you love.

Implant supported overdentures can help. Dr. Ruparelia can place several dental implants in your jawline as anchors for a traditional denture. In some circumstances, this is fixed, but some can be be completely removed and put back in place by the patient. This gives a traditional denture more stability than conventional methods, such as denture adhesives.

While full-mouth implants are usually the preferred solution for missing teeth, implant-supported overdentures can be a cost-effective solution is some circumstances.

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Implant Costs

One Price, No Surprises

When you choose Cascades, we give you one all-inclusive quote upfront. This quote includes everything, and it doesn’t change. Even if we end up with unexpected work or expenses on our end, your cost stays the same. On top of that, we consistently beat our competitors’ prices. You won’t be able to find this quality of care for these prices anywhere else.

Typical Fee Range

Treatment to place a single implant will typically range between $2500 to $5000, depending on the complexity of case and the condition of the anchoring jaw bone.

The CascadesONE Full-mouth dental implant system are $21,500 per arch, much less than even our closest competitors. And again, your initial quote is fixed and includes everything. This cost will never increase, no matter what.

The Cascades Value

The number of doctors you see, the offices you visit, and the skill of your practitioners can all affect your total cost. Other dental implants procedures can cost you up to $50,000 or even more, and you may be surprised with additional costs down the line.

Shop around and you’ll find that in our case, you really can have the best quality and the best price at the same time.

Dr. Ruparelia is one of the most experienced dental implant surgeons in the country. Both his skill and excellent relationships with implant and prosthetic companies keep your cost down. The entire implant procedure is also done in one office with one doctor, so there are minimal overhead expenses to cover.

Perhaps most importantly, at Cascades, we care deeply about our patients. We know how important dental implants can be to creating a full life, and we always ensures that our dental implant procedure as affordable as possible for our patients. And, since we promise not to change your initial quote, you’ll never be surprised with hidden fees and expenses.

Our Guarantee

At Cascades, we know that choosing to get dental implants is a big decision. We care about your experience, and we want you to feel confident in your choice. That’s why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all dental implant procedures.

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