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Are you like the other countless people in this country who avoid going to the dentist?

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, you’re not alone.

Many people avoid the dentist for one reason or another. Some stay away because they aren’t comfortable with dentist appointments, some are just too busy for multiple appointments, and some are just plain afraid.

We know how you feel. We see patients every day who used to find it hard to go to the dentist. We can help you with sedation and sleep dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry is Changing Everything

With sedation dentistry, you can relax in total comfort through your entire appointment. No more fear and anxiety, no more discomfort.

Sedation dentistry uses safe and effective medications to help you relax during your dental visit. There are a number of methods and medications to produce this effect, and a few different levels of sedation, so you can find the solution that’s perfect for you.

Sedation also helps us to get your work done in fewer visits – many times in just one!

With sedation being so common for many medical procedures, there’s no reason to have extensive dental work without that same level of comfort. It just makes sense.

A Sedation Appointment

Conscious Sedation

A sedation appointment feels calm and peaceful, and is probably unlike any other experience you’ve had at the dentist. After the appointment, most people have little or no memory of the visit – as if the entire experience was dream. You simply wake up with a brand new smile.

With any type of sedation dentistry, you will need a companion to drive you to and from the appointment and to stay with you for the rest of the day.

What is a conscious sedation appointment like?

Our doctors will either give you a small pill to take an hour before your appointment or use an IV attachment once you get to the office. We will then start monitoring your vital signs and assess whether you need any more medication.

Once you are relaxing comfortably in the dental chair, we’ll cover you with a warm blanket. We’ll begin our work once you are totally relaxed. Before you know it, the appointment will be over!

What is an IV and general anesthesia appointment like?

A sleep dentistry appointment gives you deep relaxation. You’ll be seated in a comfortable dental chair with a warm blanket on you. A certified anesthesiologist will join our team to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for this deeper level of sedation.

You will be completely unaware of the dental treatment during a sleep dentistry appointment, as if you were home asleep in your own bed. When you wake, all the dentistry will be finished, and the whole experience will feel like a dream. When you look in the mirror to see your new smile, you’ll probably think it was the best dream you’ve ever had! Contact us today to make an appointment.

What happens after the appointment?

It’s likely that you’ll still feel a little sleepy. We’ll keep monitoring you until we know you are ready to leave the office, and your companion will drive you home. You’ll need to take it easy for the rest of the day, and for safety reasons, your companion will be instructed to keep you company.

You may want to rest, and you certainly won’t be driving or doing anything that requires your full concentration. Feel free to eat and drink all you want because this will probably make you feel better. The day after the appointment will just be a regular day. The only unusual thing is that you may remember little or nothing from your dental visit – you’ll just have a great new smile.

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