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Sometimes you can have it all. As a Cascades patient, you'll never need to compromise because our team makes you these promises:

One Doctor. One Office. One Price.

Most practices will have you meet with multiple doctors for surgery and prosthetics, meaning you have to travel to multiple offices for your treatment. At Cascades, Dr. Ruparelia handles every aspect of your treatment, from initial evaluation and surgery to placing your restorations to save you money throughout the process. Cascades has one office to handle every step of your treatment from start to finish. In addition, the fee you're quoted for up front covers everything from start to finish without any upcharges. This fee also includes the highest quality materials and anesthesia costs. Learn more about our sleep dentistry.

State of the Art Facility

Our practice is a clean, modern office with the latest in dental technology and equipment. Our implant facility is designed to handle every aspect of your care, from producing your new teeth with laser precision on site to providing the highest level of care at a modest price tag compared to other facilities.

Personable Team

Our dental professionals are friendly and helpful – but even more importantly, they are highly skilled and trained to offer you the best dental care available anywhere.

Experienced and Professionally Trained

Dr. Ruparelia has placed thousands of implants for patients. You can compare his skills and experience to anyone in the country and feel confident that you are in good hands. With modern dentistry advancing all the time, Dr. Ruparelia and the team at Cascades are constantly training and learning so that, year after year, they can offer their patients the latest and the best that dentistry has to offer.

Dental Implant Experience

You would be hard pressed to find another practice in the area that has the experience that we do with complex dentistry, dental implants, and sleep dentistry. Your friends and neighbors have been coming to us for years because we’ve earned a reputation for being the best.

Sedation Dentistry Experience

Some offices may offer limited sedation options like IV sedation or no sleep dentistry at all, meaning you will have more appointments that overall are less comfortable. At Cascades we supply full general anesthesia with a board-certified anesthesiologist to ensure maximum comfort throughout your appointment with us.

Reasonable Fees and No Surprises

$21,500 per arch. No Upcharges, Options or Additional Fees. Because we place so many implants at Cascades, we are able to pass savings on to our patients. Having a state-of-the-art lab right in our office lets us control and supervise the quality of all of our dental restorations and allows us to help keep fees down. By comparison, many other practices have prices that vary, typically starting at $25,000. Dr. Ruparelia has the skill and training to do handle entire treatment plans, from surgery to restoration. When fewer doctors and offices are needed, it means real savings for you. In addition, we quote you a fee before treatment begins that includes all of your costs, with no fine print or hidden charges.

Premium Materials are our Standard

Most practices offer premium materials at a higher cost or upcharge, with acrylic prosthetics as their standard with the option to upgrade to Zirconia. At Cascades, all of our prosthetics are made from Zirconia, the best material available for implants. It fits better, performs better and lasts longer. This is our standard. We don't offer lesser quality materials so you will never have to worry about an upcharge to get the best product available.

Never Go a Day Without Teeth

Some offices use a "4 implants per arch" system. At Cascades, we offer 5, 6 or sometimes more implants per arch to maximize stability and to provide greater long-term success with our implants. Additionally, some offices provide dentures to use temporarily, while at Cascades we will provide a beautiful temporary set of teeth that will keep you looking great until your final permanent set is ready. You will not have to go a day without teeth as we can handle full-mouth implants in one day.

Quality Guaranteed

While some offices do not offer a guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that we stand behind all of our work with a 5-Year Cascades Guarantee for quality and long-term reliability of your implants. In addition, we utilize an in-house lab so that all treatment and lab work is done in house, whereas other offices may use out-of-state or even out-of-country labs.

No Judgment or Criticism

If you’ve been suffering with dental problems, the last thing you need is for someone to make you feel even worse about it. We don’t judge, and we don’t criticize. The truth is that we’ve seen people whose teeth are as damaged as your’s before, and we’ve seen people who are even worse. We won’t be shocked, and we won’t make you feel bad. We’ll just help you get the treatment you need and the new smile you’ve always wanted.

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