Sterling VA Implant Dentistry by Cascades Dental

At Cascades Center for Dental Health, in Sterling, VA, Dr. Ruparelia and his team are proud to be recognized by their peers and the community for their experience with implant dentistry.

Unlike other offices, where they are only able to handle one part of your implant treatment, Dr. Ruparelia is known for providing everything you need right in one office. That means patients can have a beautiful, complete set of new, permanent teeth, and all from one implant dentist office, right here in Sterling.

Dental implants are a modern solution for anyone who:

  • has lost teeth due to an accident or other trauma
  • has teeth that have been damaged or lost to decay
  • has missing or severely damaged teeth due to gum disease
  • has a denture that that is uncomfortable, loose, fits poorly, and/or interferes with eating

What is a dental implant?

The implant itself is a small titanium post that replaces the natural root of a tooth. Just like the root, the implant’s purpose is to permanently anchor the tooth the jawbone. Once a crown is attached to the implant, together they look, feel, and function just like a regular natural tooth. The materials used are durable and safe, and are meant last the rest of your life. You can confidently smile, eat foods that you love, and enjoy the peace of mind of having that beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Dental Implant Options

Dr. Ruparelia and the team at Cascades Dental treat hundreds of your friends and neighbors with implant dentistry every year in their Sterling Office. One reason they’ve earned such an outstanding reputation in Northern Virginia is the choice of treatment options that they offer. Whether you need one tooth replaced or few, or even if you need a whole new set of teeth, Dr. Ruparelia has the skill and training to give you the implant treatment you need.

Full-mouth implants systems

Patients who need all their teeth replaced, or have a full denture that just isn’t working for them, can be treated with full implant-supported dental bridge. Dr. Ruparelia has received extensive training in the technique and technology necessary to use a series of implants to securely and permanently anchor and entire set of teeth into your mouth – upper arch, lower, or both. This advanced dentistry lets patients quickly and easily transform a mouth without many or any good teeth, and turn it into a fully functional and beautiful smile.

Why Cascades is Sterling’s best choice for dental implants

When it comes to experience and service as an implant dentist, Dr. Ruparelia is one of the best in the business. He is familiar with a wide range of products and techniques, and places hundreds of implants each year. Patients get the exact treatment they need, as Dr. Ruparelia is trained in a number of advanced implant procedures. Patients love the fact that he handles the whole case right in one office, so you there’s no inconvenient traveling around town to different doctors in different offices.

He also stands behind his work with a lifetime guarantee. Every aspect of the treatment is completed right here in our office, and we are always upfront about pricing and what the entire procedure costs. Best of all – you’ll never have to go even a single say without a full set of teeth. Any time your final teeth are not yet permanently placed, you’ll have a beautiful and natural set of temporaries before you leave the office.

Call today, and learn more about treatment with dental implants from Cascades Center for Dental Health in Sterling.

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