Cascades Center for Dental Health in the Great Falls, VA Area

Here at Cascades, we provide our patients with a criticism and judgment-free place to get the gentle and professional dental care they deserve. Many of our patients come to us for implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. We are also well-known as the “sleep dentists” because of how long we have been offering patients sedation dentistry, the most comfortable way to go to the dentist. Our patients also love the fact that they can have all their dental services performed by one dentist, in one office. That’s how we give our patients dentistry that is both comfortable and convenient.

The Cascades Difference

Our mission at Cascades is to provide our patients with the best in dental care in a modern, professional office, utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Our highly trained team of professionals make it their mission to make your appointment a comfortable experience. Whether you are coming to see us for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, or general dentistry, our team will use the latest techniques and equipment to make your appointment the experience that you deserve

Ultimate Patient Comfort

With sedation dentistry, fear and discomfort don’t have to keep you from the dental treatment that you need. We can provide oral conscious sedation for those who need a little help relaxing, and IV sedation for those who want a little more. If you want the ultimate in dental appointment comfort, sleep dentistry, we can offer that as well. Patients can also take comfort in knowing that Dr. Ruparelia is one of the leading dentists for dental implants; each year he provides dental implants to hundreds of patients. Another thing that gives patients peace of mind is the 10 year guarantee on all of our prosthetics and implants that we offer to all patients who keep up with their regularly scheduled appointments.

Unbeatable Dental Experience

We’ve never tried to be the cheapest dental practice in and around Great Falls, VA , but we are determined to be one of the best values. Not only do we offer some of the best care available anywhere, but you’ll find our prices to be very competitive. Our comprehensive approach to dentistry gives us cost savings that we can pass on to our patients. We handle everything from general dentistry to implant surgery, to restoration here in one office. The costs of dental care will never be a surprise in our office. All of our patients are provided detailed quotes beforehand, so there are no unexpected costs or hidden charges. Call us today at (703) 260-6206 to schedule an appointment.

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