Sedation Dentistry – at Cascades

Are you afraid to go to the dentist?  Do you find it impossible to be relaxed and comfortable in a dental office? You’re not alone!

For almost twenty years, Cascades has used sedation dentistry to treat thousands of your friends and neighbors from all over Northern Virginia and the DC area. Sedation makes it possible for even the most fearful patient to have a comfortable experience at the dentist.

Dr. Ruparelia and the team at Cascades have the experience and training to offer patients different sedation options, from the lightest levels to the deepest level, general anesthesia, administered by a licensed anesthesiologist. We understand your concerns and we understand how you feel. No matter what you need, the dental professionals at Cascades will make sure you are totally relaxed, and won’t begin treatment until you are totally comfortable.

It won’t be like any visit to the dentist you’ve ever experienced. You’ll just rest comfortably under a warm blanket.  The next thing you know, the visit is over, and the whole thing feels like a dream.  Years of dental problems can be fixed in a single appointment, all while you are completely relaxed and totally comfortable.