Leesburg VA Implant Dentistry by Cascades Dental

Dr. Ruparelia and his team at Cascades Center for Dental Health in Leesburg VA are renowned for their skill and expertise with implant dentistry. They are proud to offer their experience to the community and to have the respect and recognition of their peers.

Cascades Dental offers its clients every possible treatment its patients may have in relation to their dental implants, which is very rare to find in one office. Patients of Dr. Ruparelia can walk out of his office with the beautiful, complete set of new, permanent teeth they deserve.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal solution for patients who have lost teeth due to an accident or other trauma; have damaged or lost teeth due to teeth decay; have missing or severely damaged teeth as a result of gum disease; or have dentures that are uncomfortable, loose, fit poorly, and/or interfere with eating.

A dental implant is a small titanium post that replaces a tooth’s natural root. The purpose of the implant is to, like the root, permanently anchor the tooth to the jawbone. A crown is attached to the implant; this combination of post and crown, in effect, looks, feels, and functions as a regular tooth. At Cascade Center for Dental Health, we use only the safest and most durable materials that are meant to last a lifetime. That means you can be confident when you smile and when you eat the food you love because you have the healthy, beautiful smile you both deserve and need.

Options For Dental Implants

At Cascades Dental, Dr. Ruparelia and his team treat hundreds of patients in the Leesburg VA area each year. Implant dentistry is a very specialized field, and Cascades Dental has a remarkable reputation for the wide range of treatment options it offer. Cascades Dental helps patients who need one or more teeth replaced or who need an entirely new set of teeth altogether. Patients can rest assured that Dr. Ruparelia and his team have the skills, training, and experience to provide them with the finest implant treatment available.

Dr. Ruparelia provides treatment that involves a full implant-supported dental bridge. This particular treatment is for patients who need all of their teeth replaced or who have a full denture that isn’t functioning effectively for them. A series of implants must be done in order to securely and permanently anchor an entirely new set of teeth into a patient’s mouth, whether it’s the upper or lower arch, or both. Dr. Ruparelia’s extensive training in both the technique and the technology needed to perform such implants is thorough and impressive. This advanced dental implant treatment allows patients to quickly and easily transform their problematic mouths into fully functional and beautiful ones.

Why Cascades Dental?

Cascades Dental is the best choice for dental implants in the Leesburg VA area. Dr. Ruparelia has the experience and service as an implant dentist that make him one of the best in his field. His knowledge and understanding of a wide range of products and techniques leads him to conduct hundreds of implants every year. Because Dr. Ruparelia is highly trained in so many advanced dental implant procedures, his patients always get the precise treatment they need.

Patients often comment on how much they appreciate that they are able to have their entire treatment taken care of in one office – Cascades Dental. They value not having to travel from doctor to doctor in different offices – Dr. Ruparelia can take care of everything. Cascades Dental also works hard to clearly communicate with patients concerning pricing and final costs for procedures. One of the best perks of Cascades Dental is that, during the course of treatment, patients never have to go even a day without a full set of teeth; they are always provided with temporaries before they leave the office if their permanent teeth have not yet been placed.

If you come to Cascades Dental, Dr. Ruparelia promises to provide you with a beautiful, natural, and functional set of teeth – and he guarantees his work for your lifetime. Call today to learn more about dental implant treatments from Cascades Center for Dental Health in Leesburg VA.

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