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Dr. Ruparelia and his team at Cascade Dental have a reputation for providing the very best dental implant services in the Herndon area. This reputation has been earned through years of experience, education, and consistent training on the latest methods, skills, and technology used in implant dentistry.

Hundreds of patients see Dr. Ruparelia for their dental implant needs each year and are impressed by the fact that their entire treatment can be conducted at Cascade Dental – Dr. Ruparelia is qualified and prepared to perform all aspects of dental implant treatments. In fact, it is very rare to find an implant dentistry practice that provides a full-service experience for its patients; that is one thing that makes Cascade Dental so special.

Cascades Center for Dental Health in Herndon VA provides dental implant treatment for patients with:

  • Lost or damaged teeth as a result of an accident or other trauma,
  • Lost or damaged teeth as a result of tooth decay,
  • Lost or damaged teeth as a result of gum disease, and
  • Dentures that are too loose or fit poorly and therefore lead to discomfort and trouble eating.

What Is A Dental Implant?

When teeth either fall out or become severely damaged, it is important to replace them. In order to do that, a titanium post must first be placed to replace the tooth’s natural root. This titanium post is what the term “dental implant” refers to and takes over the roll of the original root: to anchor the tooth the jawbone permanently. Once that post has been placed, a crown can be attached to it. The post and the crown together will then function as a natural tooth does.

Dr. Ruparelia and Cascade Dental are ready to help you, should you find yourself in need of a dental implant. We pride ourselves on using only the finest materials for our patients’ treatments and guarantee our work. Our patients walk out of our office with sets of teeth that not only look good, but also function as healthy mouths should. You will be able to smile and enjoy your favorite foods with confidence and ease for the rest of your life.

Dental Implant Options

At Cascade Dental, we make it a priority to stay current on all elements of implant dentistry. Dr. Ruparelia and his team have the training and skills required to provide dental implant patients with the absolute best care, no matter their dental implant treatment needs.

Whether you need a single, to a few, to a whole set of teeth replaced, we can help you. And we promise you will be satisfied with your care and your results; in fact, we guarantee your implants for the remainder of your life.

In some cases, patients may need a full implant-supported dental bridge. If you have an entire set of teeth removed, you may be eligible for this treatment. If you have full dentures that are not satisfactorily meeting your needs, you may also be eligible for a full implant-supported dental bridge. This particular treatment is done as a series of several procedures.

In order to provide a permanent and secure anchor for a full set of teeth, whether it’s the lower arch, upper arch, or both, several implants must be placed. This more involved dental implant option is one that Dr. Ruparelia has mastered. You can rest assured that he and his team at Cascades Dental will efficiently and successfully provide you with a healthy and beautiful set of teeth that will meet all of your dental needs.

Cascades Center for Dental Health

Cascades Center for Dental Health is the best implant dentistry practice in the Herndon VA area. Dr. Ruparelia and his team look forward to working with you and helping restore your smile. He guarantees that you will leave his office happy with your treatment and satisfied with his training, skill, and expertise.

At Cascades Center for Dental Health in Herndon VA, we proudly perform your entire dental implant treatment within the walls of our office. There is no need to see more than one doctor or more than one office. We will make sure you understand all of the payment matters relative to your treatment and will work with you to make your experience with us a positive one. Call us today do discuss your dental implant needs.

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