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Smile Again with Full-Mouth Dental Implants from our Implant Dentistry Office in Leesburg, VA

Having a beautiful, healthy smile is important to you, and it can help make you feel confident. If you are missing one or more teeth, what you see in the mirror may make you feel unhappy, and less confident. Tooth loss can even affect what you can eat and how you enjoy your meals. If that sounds familiar, here’s some good news: Now, all of you in and around Leesburg VA can enjoy the foods you love and get a beautiful smile, thanks to the implant dentists at Cascades Dental. We specialize in full-mouth dental implants and single tooth implants. We make you the one-doctor, one-office, and one-price promise, with our CascadesONE dental implant system. Get the smile of your dreams with the help of a team of dental professionals that makes it their mission to help you achieve your goals.

The CascadesONE Implant System – The Full Mouth Solution

Dr. Ruparelia at Cascades Center for Dental Health is a very experienced implant dentist, serving communities in and around Leesburg, VA. Our Cascades team is proud to offer the best in dental care, and to provide real value while we are improving your smile. Patients come to Cascades because we offer them all the sedation options, including sleep dentistry under the care of a board-certified anesthesiologist. Our high-quality implants are designed from premium materials right here iin the office, in our in-house lab. The CascadesONE, one-doctor, one-office, and one-price promise, makes it easy for patients to get the care they need, and that new smile is backed by our 5-year Cascades guarantee. Dr. Ruparelia has cutting-edge training in everything from full-mouth dental implants to single tooth implants, so your end result is a natural looking smile you will love to show to the world!

Learn About Our Dental Implant Procedures, Cost, Types, Problems, and Safety

At Cascades Dental, the health of your smile is important to us. At our implant dentistry office near Leesburg, VA, our highly-trained doctors offer dental implant options to fit each patient’s particular needs. We offer single implants, multiple implants, implant-supported bridges, implant-supported overdentures, as well as hybrid implant systems. Our website has more information on all of these options, but you can always feel free to call us with specific questions. Patients tell us all the time that they love our convenient scheduling of appointments, our Cascades Guarantee, and especially our low one-price promise of $21,500 per arch, with no surprises and no hidden fees.

I am Ready to Find an Implant Dentist Near Me in Leesburg, VA!

If you are unhappy with your smile, and ready to get that smile you’ve always wanted, it may be time to reach out to one of the favorite implant dentists in and around Leesburg, VA. Contact Dr. Ruparelia and the team at Cascades Center for Dental Health. We also offer services in the areas of Reston and Sterling, VA. Our team provides natural-looking smiles for one price, with no surprises. Enhance your smile today. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our team at (703) 444-5095.

Why are dental implants the best method of tooth replacement?

Dental implants will give you a permanent solution. Implants are strong, durable and designed to last a lifetime.
Look your best. Live with confidence. Dental implants look like natural teeth and help restore facial structure.
Eat whatever you want. Dental implants function like real teeth so you can once again enjoy all of your favorite foods.
You'll never be without teeth again. 95% of our patients are candidates for one-day implant procedures and services.

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