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Cascades Center for Dental Health in Ashburn VA is well known for its implant dentistry services. Dr. Ruparelia and his experienced professional team offer only the finest treatments, and unlike most implant dentistry practices, can provide dental implant treatment entirely in-office.

Our patients can, therefore, leave our office with beautiful, complete sets of permanent teeth, all from one dentist: Dr. Ruparelia, and all in one office: Cascades Center for Dental Health. If you are looking for a dental implant dentist in Ashburn VA, call us today.

Dental Implants

Dental implants create a foundation for new teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. An implant is actually a small titanium post that is anchored into the area where a natural tooth is missing. The bone bonds with the titanium post, which anchors it to the jawbone and makes it a strong foundation for an artificial tooth.

Dr. Ruparelia also uses dental implants to preserve a patient’s facial structure. When you have missing teeth, the bone deteriorates and the jawbone degenerates as well, leading to potential facial collapse. Dental implants that are properly placed and maintained can preserve the bone.

Advantages To Dental Implants

Dental implants not only prevent your bones from deteriorating and your face from collapsing, they also help you regain the ability to eat and smile with confidence because they look and act natural. Other advantages to dental plants include:

  • They maintain a youthful appearance
  • They provide a successful solution
  • They protect your healthy teeth

When To Get Dental Implants

Dental implants are the latest and best possible solution for patients dealing with the following:

  • Lost teeth due to an accident or other trauma
  • Damaged or lost teeth due to decay
  • Missing or severely damaged teeth due to gum disease
  • Dentures that are uncomfortable, loose, poorly fitting, and/or troublesome when eating

Dental Implant Options

At Cascades Center for Dental Health, Dr. Ruparelia and his team treat hundreds of implant dentistry patients each year. They have earned the distinction of being a full-service implant dentistry office in Ashburn VA and offer a variety of treatment options. Whether you need one tooth replaced or need a whole new set of teeth, our team is experienced, trained, and ready to meet your needs.

Full Mouth Implant System

If you need all of your teeth replaced or have a full denture that is not meeting your needs, Dr. Ruparelia can treat you with a full implant-supported dental bridge. His training in both the technique and the technology behind this process has prepared him to get you optimal results.

He will use a series of implants to securely and permanently anchor your new set of teeth into your mouth, whether that’s the upper arch, the lower arch, or both. Let Dr. Ruparelia and Cascades Dental quickly and easily transform your mouth of deficient and/or missing teeth into a fully functional and beautiful smile.

Your Best Choice For Dental Implants

Cascades Center for Dental Health has the experience and customer service you need when it comes to implant dentistry. Dr. Ruparelia is renowned in his field by both colleagues and patients in the Ashburn VA area. His familiarity with a vast range of products and techniques allows him to work with hundreds of patients each year.

With Dr. Ruparelia and his team at Cascades Dental, you will get the exact treatment you need and will do it all in-house. We make your treatment as quick and convenient as possible, while guaranteeing that you will be satisfied with your results. To learn more about your dental implant options, call Cascades Center for Dental Health today.

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